What is your typical UI Design process?

Our typical UI Design process consists of the following steps,

1.   App Design Questionnaire Filling
Here, Netixe will send a document to the client, to get insights on the following items

•   Colour preference

•   Theme Selection (High tech, Warm, Flashy, Traditional, formal, cutting edge, Friendly, Contemporary)

•   Brand Positioning (Logo)

•   Any Specific UI Suggestion

•   Any other element selection like buttons, font typeset

2.   Design Mock-up 3-4 Screens (For Theme Confirmation)

3.   Review & Approval Process with the client

4.   Design creation for the entire app

•   It can include multiple iterations based on the defined flow

•   PSD / AI files will be generated

5.   After everything is finalized. we go ahead on design