Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated eCommerce POS solutions solve various business needs in real-time and increase customer satisfaction over their omnichannel touchpoints. It connects your online store to your POS system and creates a seamless customer experience through:

  • Different payment methods with POS software
  • Seamless online ordering
  • Integrated omnichannel marketing and loyalty program

Integrating POS and eCommerce solutions means that you centralize all your customer data in one place.

  • Display a consolidated view of shopper behavior across both channels
  • Provides more precise insights into your customer preferences and shopping habits

Because customers prefer a consistent experience and interaction across all channels, your retail can improve customer relationships by personalized promotions and offer:

  • Tailored marketing proposals based on purchase history
  • Run multi-channel promotions (discounts, rewards cards)

Manually entering the discount at the POS machine can slow down the customer registration process and increase the risk of fraud. Thus, it’s crucial to have a retail system that seamlessly integrates eCommerce and POS to:

  • Streamline loyalty program
  • Increase customer shopping experience
  • Boost sales and revenue

It provides different strategies to expand your customer base and encourage customers to shop through both channels like:

  • Set up and apply discounts across online and offline channels
  • Suggest promotions and coupons automatically when checkout on POS and websites
  • Purchase and redeem gift cards at both online and offline stores

Manual data entry, reconciliation, and synchronization are always error-prone and time-consuming. Therefore, another vast added value of integrating an eCommerce website with a POS system is eliminating manual data entry like:

  • Synchronizing order information from in-store and online orders
  • Manage customer, order, and product information in one place
  • No need to update information or reconcile data between channels

This integration reduces your precious time and effort so you can focus on your busines.

An eCommerce-integrated POS system allows you to view your inventory in real time across online and offline channels. Streamlining your inventory management across channels is vital to any business owner.

  • Track which products may need promotion and which products are hot to order more
  • Avoid out-of-stock and overstock situations to optimize your inventory holding price

You can automate inventory management processes such as:

  • Control inventory levels to ensure timely procurement
  • Set minimum inventory level according to SKU

Our IT consulting services are aimed at the improvement of your entire software architecture, enhancement of operations, and development of tech-based digital strategy by optimizing your IT portfolio. In this fast-changing world with high standards of performance and services required to keep up, you need a team of IT professionals to make a smooth and cost-effective transition. We migrate your system from an outdated one to the new system within the promised time frame. To help you stay competitive and meet the needs of modern customers, we offer an array of services, including

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Governance, Risk, And Compliance IT Assessments IT Strategy And Planning

The aim of IT consulting services firm is to help businesses and brands achieve success by advising and managing IT infrastructure. Our IT consultants guide you throughout the process so you can attain your objectives through IT solutions. Whether it’s auditing IT infrastructure, architecture, IT health checks, design advice, project management, or disaster recovery planning, our professional tech experts and project consultants provide a range of services to meet your specific business requirements.

When you seek tech solutions for your venture, an IT consultation service is the first step where experts collect all the information about your business, including strengths, weaknesses, competition, trends, and more. After analyzing all the aspects and factors involved, they provide the most suitable solution, creating a roadmap to reach the target. IT consulting is beyond advising as experts help you reach your IT goals and build the most appropriate environment. They also implement, manage, and assess the IT infrastructure and optimize IT footprints to improve the overall operations.

Yes, there are a plethora of IT consulting firms in the offering varied solutions but Netixe stands out for its dedication, performance, and quality. Here are the reasons to choose us as your consultants:

  • We have been in the industry for over 18 years, working with dynamic clients on various technologies by bringing highly qualified professionals.
  • Our team helps businesses and clients, be it small, medium, or large enterprises to optimize their services and results.
  • Our IT experts come up with the best and innovative ideas and unique tech products based on specific IT structures, needs, and software requirements.
  • Our IT consultants analyze the weakest and strongest spots, make changes wherever required, and implement strategies for the best results.
  • We not only suggest the right technologies and methodologies, including AR, blockchain, AI, IoT, cloud computing, and more to accelerate business growth and enhance performance.

As the competition between powerful brands across industries is getting fierce and tough, IT consulting service agencies provide a solid strategy that occupies the market niche and reaches target audiences. Technical consultants work on various business strategies for every organization and its products and services. Also, they create and deliver cutting-edge tech solutions to help their clients stay ahead of the competition, meet customer needs, and generate higher revenue. IT consultants work as agents between project development teams and clients, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Their focus is to adhere to the latest trends, keep up with the changes, and adapt to them seamlessly.