Online Store & POS System

Online Store & POS System

Bridging offline and online shopping is one of the first steps to omnichannel success. Through ecommerce and a POS system integration, you can also extend the existing functionality of your website and attract a larger audience to your brand.

Retail businesses providing quality POS experience an opportunity to receive their share of the global online sales profit. Brands invest lots of resources, time, and money into a professional online presence, or even combine both ecommerce POS systems for a greater sales boost.

Online Store platform : A software with features that allow you to manage marketing, sales, warehousing, shipping, and customer service operations.

POS Terminal : A combination of software and hardware that allows customers to complete transactions. It’s basically a computer connected to several checkout terminals.

Through ecommerce integration with POS in a physical sales point, you can synchronize, automate, and organize in-store and online operations. As a result, chances of improving customer experience in today’s online realm increase.

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Main Features

Custom Receipts

Customize printed receipts with your website URL, Store Hours, Promotions, or Policies.

Sales Reports

Make informed decisions with detailed insights into sales, products, and staff performance compiled in a daily report generated from Our System.

EMail Marketing

Capture customer emails at checkout and stay in touch with marketing emails and promotions.

Gift Cards

Sell physical and digital gift cards that can be redeemed in store or online.

Hardware Device

Auto work with all Barcode Reader model. Support Camera Scan .

Order History

When customers shop online or in store, their order information is automatically synced.

Payment Methods

Accept popular payment methods like AliPay, FPS, WeChat, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe.

Product Stock

Real Time Stock Sync with Online Store and Physical Stores POS System

Unlimited Products

Add an unlimited amount of products and variants on Our System.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eCommerce POS integration?

An eCommerce POS integration is a digital solution to build a streamlined connection between your eCommerce platform and POS system. In that way, you can pull detailed data in real time directly between 2 systems and process transactions and orders across online and offline channels.

Why do I need an eCommerce POS integration?

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, customers will spend 13% more in physical stores if they’ve conducted prior online research via the brand’s websites. It means that customers who interact via multiple channels tend to spend more in retail stores.

Thus, it’s critical to provide customers with a seamless buying journey from offline to online to meet their growing expectations.

An eCommerce-integrated POS system allows you to view your inventory in real time across online and offline channels. Streamlining your inventory management across channels is vital to any business owner.

  • Track which products may need promotion and which products are hot to order more
  • Avoid out-of-stock and overstock situations to optimize your inventory holding price

You can automate inventory management processes such as:

  • Control inventory levels to ensure timely procurement
  • Set minimum inventory level according to SKU

Manual data entry, reconciliation, and synchronization are always error-prone and time-consuming. Therefore, another vast added value of integrating an eCommerce website with a POS system is eliminating manual data entry like:

  • Synchronizing order information from in-store and online orders
  • Manage customer, order, and product information in one place
  • No need to update information or reconcile data between channels

This integration reduces your precious time and effort so you can focus on your busines.

Manually entering the discount at the POS machine can slow down the customer registration process and increase the risk of fraud. Thus, it’s crucial to have a retail system that seamlessly integrates eCommerce and POS to:

  • Streamline loyalty program
  • Increase customer shopping experience
  • Boost sales and revenue

It provides different strategies to expand your customer base and encourage customers to shop through both channels like:

  • Set up and apply discounts across online and offline channels
  • Suggest promotions and coupons automatically when checkout on POS and websites
  • Purchase and redeem gift cards at both online and offline stores

Integrating POS and eCommerce solutions means that you centralize all your customer data in one place.

  • Display a consolidated view of shopper behavior across both channels
  • Provides more precise insights into your customer preferences and shopping habits

Because customers prefer a consistent experience and interaction across all channels, your retail can improve customer relationships by personalized promotions and offer:

  • Tailored marketing proposals based on purchase history
  • Run multi-channel promotions (discounts, rewards cards)

Integrated eCommerce POS solutions solve various business needs in real-time and increase customer satisfaction over their omnichannel touchpoints. It connects your online store to your POS system and creates a seamless customer experience through:

  • Different payment methods with POS software
  • Seamless online ordering
  • Integrated omnichannel marketing and loyalty program