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Netixe development team has enough expertise to embody even the most daring ideas into perfect web apps. Our outsourcing team does not just create custom web applications but also solves your business problems. We are ever-ready to meet your high expectations and quality standards, find solutions for your business tasks, and offer future product evolution opportunities. Our highly experienced and dedicated offshore web app development team will provide you with excellent usability, responsiveness, and security, providing you with your web app’s flawless and smooth operation.

Our web development services cover the entire spectrum from design and development to deployment. Our team aims to be your reliable IT partner providing innovative products, generating value with custom solutions, architecting your mobile app platforms or online roadmap while ensuring delivery of the highest quality. Our highly proficient offshore web app developers and designers deliver resource flexibility and experience across the supply chain, providing a compassionate and flexible growth environment.

With broad experience and a vast skill set, our outsourcing web app team of your choice continuously searches for new approaches and insights to implement apps across industries. In addition, our web developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms/frameworks used for web app development services. With a team of over 10 dedicated developers, designers, analysts and engineers, we will meet your project requirements on creative benchmarks and human capital.

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Our experienced developers craft your web app with the latest web technologies.

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Our developers are equipped with all the latest web tools and technologies.

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Get the most interactive and lucid design with our web design services.

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Our API development services boost the efficiency of your web application.

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Get top-notch progressive web application development services with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Web applications can be categorized based on features and content. The major ones are,

•   Static web apps: These web apps display limited content and lack flexibility. Changes need to be incorporated by downloading webmaster, editing it, and then hosting it again.

•   Dynamic web apps: These apps allow admins to make changes dynamically with a content management system. Apart from this multiple features can be implemented as well.

•   Animated web apps: To make the content look more engaging, and create, these apps allow animated effects with Flash technology.

•   Portal web apps: These apps are basically used for tracking user activities on various websites with interactive tools.

•   E-commerce web apps: These apps are similar to any e-commerce or m-commerce website allowing admin to add, edit, delete or update entries.

•   CMS web apps: These apps are more used for blogs, articles, etc. where the content is updated more frequently, and mostly they are managed using WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

There is a huge difference between native apps and web apps. Both of them are entirely different and developed with different technologies. Native apps are developed especially for a platform and are compatible solely with that single platform or mobile operating system. Native apps may or may not require an internet connection depending upon the type of application and its features.

Web applications run directly on the browser and are compatible with all the platforms and mobile operating systems. The only pre-requisite for web apps is a stable mobile internet connection or wi-fi connection for the app to work. With a single codebase, web apps are easy to maintain and update regularly.

When the estimated time for web app development is calculated, numerous things are to be considered such as features, functionalities, the experience of the developers, complexity, development platform, time taken in testing, etc. If you are planning to get a basic web app developed then it takes approximately, 16-18 weeks, but again it depends on your specifications and the complexity of the web app.

To get more details on the time estimation for your web app’s development, then our experts are here to guide you.

There are a variety of factors that affect the final cost of developing a web app with the web app development services. Some of the major matrices that decide the web app cost are,

•   Selection of the web app development platform

•   Type, nature, and category of the web app to be developed

•   The complexity of the web app

•   Number and type of features to be included in the web app

•   The expertise and experience of the developers working on the development of your product

If you need a detailed and precise cost of developing a specific digital product, then do contact us, our experts will provide you with a quote.

Whenever you outsource web app development, you open your gates for numerous benefits, some of the major ones are enlisted here,

•   Reduced cost of development

•   Get experienced developers for your web app development

•   Working flexibly according to your time zone

•   Latest infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology access

•   Assured quality and security

We select the web application development technologies depending on the type of web applications, features required, etc. Also, the various technologies are bifurcated as,

•   JavaScript
•   Ajax
•   jQuery
•   PHP
•   Zend Framework
•   Ruby on Rails
•   Perl
•   Python
•   Angular
•   Yii
•   Django
•   Laravel
•   Node.js
•   Ionic
•   Phonegap/Cordova
•   Bootstrap
•   WordPress
•   Drupal
•   .NET
•   Backbone.js
•   jQuery
•   Underscore
•   MongoDB
•   PostgreSQL
•   MySQL
•   Oracle
•   SQL Server

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