IT Asset Management System

IT Asset Management System

What is IT Asset Management?
IT asset management (ITAM) is the process of cataloging, tracking, and maintaining an organization’s technology assets. IT asset management (sometimes known as information technology asset management) combines the ability to track and analyze the financial and contractual pieces against actual inventory to drive service success with a better understanding of how IT assets support the business and users. As an integral solution to the success of an organization, assets can include tangible, physical assets like hardware and servers, or intangible assets like software, purchase orders, and contracts.

IT asset management gives you the framework to document and manage the lifecycle of each IT asset from when it’s first used to retirement of the asset, and the moves in between. Without IT asset management, recording the history of an asset would involve manually filling in spreadsheets each time an incident occurs, or new user takes over the asset. This can be daunting, time-consuming, and overwhelming when assessing incidents or performing root-cause analysis. An asset management software allows you to easily align your hardware and software inventory, asset owners and assignments, and location information in one place.

Our System enables you to inventory hardware assets and licenses for your clients, get your projects organized, provide support through tickets and track and organize your work with issues. It comes fully featured with network service monitoring, credentials manager, kanban project management, reports, user panel and many more features.

  • Assets Management
  • Licenses Management
  • Project Management
  • Server Monitoring
  • Support Tickets
  • Task
  • Credential Manager
  • Reports
  • User Portal

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Main Features

Asset Tracking

Increase visibility and accountability with scan-based audits. Track location and custody of your IT and non-IT assets. Reserve and check out available devices for employees in advance.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Ensure timely disposal by tracking depreciation and use – from purchase to retirement. Optimize procurement by managing vendors, purchase orders, and inventory levels.

Helpdesk Integration

Link assets with tickets within our system. Enhance incident and problem management with deep asset visibility and faster troubleshooting.

Role-Based User Management

Provision access and user rights to relevant personnel. Secure your asset data by defining actions that your employees can take with Custom Roles. Single-Sign-On support.

Insightful Reporting

Make informed business decisions with custom reports. Set multi-format custom fields to track metrics of your preference and achieve measurable financial objectives.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep your IT team updated with timely alerts via mobile apps. Detect and track changes in the status of your IT assets and send email alerts to relevant users.
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