What are the different types of Web Applications?

Web applications can be categorized based on features and content. The major ones are,

•   Static web apps: These web apps display limited content and lack flexibility. Changes need to be incorporated by downloading webmaster, editing it, and then hosting it again.

•   Dynamic web apps: These apps allow admins to make changes dynamically with a content management system. Apart from this multiple features can be implemented as well.

•   Animated web apps: To make the content look more engaging, and create, these apps allow animated effects with Flash technology.

•   Portal web apps: These apps are basically used for tracking user activities on various websites with interactive tools.

•   E-commerce web apps: These apps are similar to any e-commerce or m-commerce website allowing admin to add, edit, delete or update entries.

•   CMS web apps: These apps are more used for blogs, articles, etc. where the content is updated more frequently, and mostly they are managed using WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.